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Our Smiley Truckers Hat is sure to compliment your style! Choose from many colors of our exclusive Truckers Distress Hats.
Choose your color Hat
Choose thr color you want Smiley. Go for Original Yellow Smiley or try our Tonal Color Smiley.

Please note: Tonal colors are close to the hat color but not exact. Tonal means in the same color family. We will also decide based on the hat color what outline color, eye and mouth to use. Most standard is black or white

Whatever you choose, you will sure to get some attention and smiles wearing these hats.

All Backs of hats are Mesh material with a plastic snap to change size

Hats are decorated in our shop per your order. We do not farm out your order to online companies.

Once you order, your hats will take 5-7 days to produce and 3-5 shipping so please place your order accordingly.

No returns after 4 hours of your order..hey sometimes we get them done fast!!

Make sure to choose your embroidery colors. If you leave this blank we will use our standard Yellow Smiley ☺

Thank you for choosing our shop, we hope you have a Great Day!! I